You read that right. I am bleeding out my uterus. It happens every 28 days. It is an unavoidable part of female living, for the average female. Your mom does it. Your sister does it. Your best friend does it. Your aunt does it. So why the Q are we so secretive about it?!

I am fed up with having to hide tampons in my purse and pray that no one sees them while i’m innocently searching through it for my emergency chocolate stash. I am sick of not being able to explain to a male classmate that his mere existence is pissing me off because my emotions are out of wack because my uterus is doing its routine shedding of its own lining. I am sick of having to text my friend in the same class as me to ask her if she has any Midol.

Furthermore, I am sick of being on the brink of tears and having people be extra sensitive to me because I look like I’m gonna lose it any second. All I want is the ability to devour seven donuts without anyone questioning why I suddenly have the appetite of a cave man.

Like, I didn’t choose the menses life. The menses life chose me.

2 thoughts on “I AM MENSTRUATING.

  1. Two things:
    1. Yes, yes, and more yes. Like, I cannot express to you how much I appreciate everything you just said.
    2. I’m totally stealing that whole “menses life” statement. Thanks 🙂


  2. Did you know, that there are societies in this world that praise menstrual cycles? In fact, they see it as proof that women are, not superior per say, but they have a beautiful bodily system in which they may cleanse themselves once a month and thus remain purer than men. Unfortunately in the societies we are used to and have most probably been forced to grow as a person in, condemn to a certain degree a woman’s “time of the month” to something gross (and fair doos I think I’m gross at that time but I don’t want others to think I am!) or a subject matter for sexist, crude jokes. Lovely rant, but now I want some chocolate too!


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