“M, how do you feel about the SCOTUS ruling of nationwide legalization of same-sex marriage?” none of you are probably wondering.

My short answer can be summed up by an excerpt the lyrical masterpiece that is “Same Love” by Sir Macklemore.

“Damn right, I support it.”

My long answer is more for me to put my feelings down so they can take a break from zooming around my cranium for a bit. Also, i’m not here to offend anybody or engage in any type of argument, so if you’re looking for that type of thing, jump on your Facebook home feed and comment on the first rainbow post you see.

The reason I support the legalization of same-sex marriages is because I feel that the message that anti-same-sex marriage folks are sending is that that the feelings that same-sex couples have for each other are somehow less valid or less significant than a straight couples’, thus not deserving of the same marriage rights as a straight couple.

Now, I am heterosexual, so I cannot speak for anyone who is homosexual, but I just don’t see how there was ever a ruling to be made in the first place. It frustrates me that there is any kind of discrimination in the first place, even if it has been resolved decades before i was born. I just don’t see anyone (or anyone’s marital union, for that matter) as lesser than anyone else’s.

I know that people against same-sex marriage are against it because it ‘offends the traditional family,’ but guys, legalizing gay marriage does not devalue, de-legalize, or harm straight marriage in any way. We’re just getting progressively closer to treating all humans as equals, so calm down and keep believing whatever it is you do, and realize that regardless of which side you’re on, same-sex marriage is now legal in every state in the U.S.

This is a hot topic in my family, as we have members that are strongly for the ruling, and members that are strongly against the ruling, and the drama is better than the Kardashians, to be honest. What i’d like to say to them (if I had the balls) is that because all parties involved are heterosexual, this ruling does not affect any of us in any way, so any type of arguing, both for and against, is completely redundant and irrelevant.

So let’s celebrate! Because a marginalized group of our society has become a smidge less marginalized, and that is always cause for celebration. How exciting is it, that we are here for such a significant point in our nation’s history?


3 thoughts on “Adjudication

  1. Thank you so much for your kind words! I can’t tell you how much backlash I’ve gotten for my posts here, simply because my views differ from the majority. But that is no reason to keep quiet about it! I really appreciate your feedback, take care!(:


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  2. I feel like you’re personality, although my knowledge of your persona is limited to the words in your blog, really lives in everything you write.

    I think it’s very brave that you’re addressing such as politically and emotionally charged dilemma, on the World Wide Web, given your religious background – you’re debunking a lot of stereotypes. Good on you!

    Much Love,


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  3. Thats a great view from a purely emotional standpoint. From a legal standpoint its a further erosion of states rights and a very confusing opinion going forward as it logically protects polygamy.


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