Day 1

Judge nothing by the appearance. The more beautiful the serpent, the more fatal its sting.

– William Scott Downey, Proverbs

I’ve survived a complete 24 hours makeup-free. At this point, i’m seeing more pro’s than con’s to ditching the cosmetics. Probably the most beautiful part of it all is that I get to rub my eyes as much as I want to. And also, it takes me about 25 less minutes to get ready in the morning when I don’t have to spend time darkening my ridiculously blonde eyelashes. 25 minutes saved in the morning means 25 extra minutes of sleep, which i’m going to need if I can’t cover the bags under my eyes with foundation.(:

My mom questioned why I hadn’t applied my regular mascara and eyeshadow that morning, so I told her about my little project to which she responded, in the typical, motherly way, “you look like you’re twelve. But you’re still beautiful!”

I noticed that yesterday I spent a lot less time looking in the mirror. I didn’t have to check for smudges from accidental face-touches. After all, there was nothing to smudge!

Although I spent a lot less time in front of the mirror, I feel like I spent twice as much time as usual comparing myself to other girls I associated with throughout the day. I’d often think to myself, “man, her skin is so clear.” or, “her eyes are gigantic!” or, “I wish my eyelashes could reach my eyebrows like hers do.” I’m not going to lie, I almost felt a little bit inferior to other girls. I felt as though I wasn’t as “pulled together” as girls who had taken time to put on mascara that morning.

I didn’t notice any drastic changes in behavior of my classmates at school, to my disappointment. I went about my own business as usual, and the cutie at the front desk at the library even gave me the “nod.”

Things were different at work, though. Before I tell you about that, you’re gonna need some background information. I am currently employed at a trampoline park in my neighborhood, and we just barely got new management. One of the new employees that came with the new management has been making passes at me ever since he started working with me. But the instant I walked in to work, he walked right up to me and said, rather quickly and monotonously, “You look beautiful.” I was feeling the sting of sarcasm already and my shift hadn’t even begun. I made some snarky comment back and then went about my workday as usual.

Halfway through my shift, another coworker came in to start his. Again, one of the first comments he made to me that day was how “pretty” I looked. Now, this is a coworker who normally wouldn’t speak with me at all unless it was regarding something about work, and granted, he was only kissing up because I am his supervisor. But why do people feel the need to comment on my appearance, especially in the workplace? I didn’t recall asking anyone what they thought of my appearance, and I have to believe that both guys commented on it because they noticed that I’d made a change in the way I was presenting myself.

Isn’t that funny how the only people who even commented on my appearance were boys? Not a single girl I spoke with, besides my mom, even asked me why I wasn’t wearing makeup or whether I was feeling well that day.

I’ve gotten some awesome feedback from pals, so thanks for that guys! And also, if you’re feeling brave, join me in abstaining from makeup.

Comparison-Look at my tiny eyes!

Comparison-Look at my tiny eyes!

Trust me, sweethearts, it is NOT a necessity.

2 thoughts on “Day 1

  1. Well done! I don’t know many girls that would brave the no make up experiment! I have really bad skin so I’ll always wear foundation, but I often go eye-make up free (I choose sleep over looking eyeliner) & never notice many comments about it either, though as a result I always get comments if I do wear eye make up ‘you look different’ or ‘your eye make up looks nice’. And I agree, love the feeling of rubbing my eyes & not worrying about smudges!


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