The Confidence Killer

Y’know, I’ve noticed that I don’t really spend much time thinking about my own appearance throughout the day. That is, until the mirror comes in to play.

You see, to me, the mirror is a microscope that zooms in on all of my flaws, and dissolves the features in me that I like. I use the mirror to spot imperfections and then try to cover them up. And once they’ve entered my awareness, they infect my confidence in even my favorite features, and I walk away liking myself less and less.

Now, I can’t be held fully accountable for the way I feel when I look in the mirror. I have been conditioned to define beauty the same way that the media portrays it, which is tall, thin, tan, big-boobed, with long blonde hair and a symmetrical, feminine face. And I will never measure up without the help of some serious cosmetic help. However, I am fully capable of changing the standard of beauty that I compare myself to.

There is beauty in confidence. Confidence is something you either have or your don’t, and once you have it, it shows. It shows in the way you carry yourself; your posture. It shows in your face and sparkling eyes. It shows in your genuine smile.


The day I learn to stop defining my self-worth on how closely I can conform my appearance to the beauty standards of society, I will finally be free of comparison and self-loathing.

After all, you get one body in this life, so why not love it for all the things it CAN do?

Attitude is everything.

Happy Saturday, lovelies, and go learn to love yourselves.

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