Complacent Vs. Contentment

As most of you are rightly assuming from my previous blog posts, I am quite the philosophical thinker. It’s a curse, really. All this engagement in deep thought is draining on a poor lass, and instills a lingering, permanent sense of worry in me. 

Lately, i’ve been concerning myself with matters involving complacency. You see, my worst fear in this life (aside from the typical environmental fears such as heights, snakes, and big bugs) is not achieving my ambitious goals and winding up somewhere in a repetitive, life-running, average 9-5 job in Anytown, USA, and growing wildly unhappy and disappointed with my accomplishments (or lack thereof). 

These concerns haunt me on a regular basis, especially once I’ve fallen into a structured routine. Day after day, with nothing seemingly significant occurring, I begin to fear that perhaps my repetitive little agenda is all that’s out there for me. I feel that I am limited in what I will accomplish. I starve for change. 

Justifiably, my problem-solving skills aren’t up to par with seasoned and experienced adults. My solutions typically involve running away to Europe and starting a new life with a new hair cut and convincing accent, or simply just not showing up to things anymore. 

Even though I’m barely 19 years old, I feel like if I’m not accomplishing something huge that will have significant impact on my life, I am wasting time. My sense of contentment is endangered. 

Is it possible to feel content without becoming complacent? To be happy with the way your life is here and now and simultaneously be working for something bigger and better? 

This widespread belief that “things will be better when_____” or “once i’ve accomplished X,Y, and Z, then I will be happy,” is quite the obstacle to tackle when trying to be content with the here and now. 

Anyway, that’s what’s been on my mind as I awoke this lovely Friday morn. 

Cheers to the freakin’ weekend, and down with repetition. 


4 thoughts on “Complacent Vs. Contentment

  1. 🙂
    Yes, I agree. Otherwise life becomes a little boring, ahah.
    If you’re referring to the link, it is not for my blog, it’s a website I found on my wanderings around the web. If you’re talking about the link of my username, in that case it’s my blog, and so, thank you 🙂


  2. wow, thank you so much for your insightful comment! I believe that learning to be content, yet having an ambition and drive to accomplish your dreams is one key to being happy in this life. Thank you for linking me to your blog, I absolutely love it!


  3. This is funny because I often think about these things myself.
    I believe it’s possible to feel content without actually being complacent. It comes down to accepting the way life is, without falling in the trap of comparing it to the ideals you have of how it should (or shouldn’t) be.

    When you’re content your whole energy changes because you’re no longer operating from a negative state by worrying or feeling desperate to accomplish something.
    With that state of mind you’ll feel much more free, and you’ll be able to do things, chase your goals, and invest in your dreams with a much more positive and relaxed attitude, which will influence the outcomes of your efforts.

    Being content doesn’t mean sitting around waiting for things to come to you, but being grateful for what you have right now and not becoming attached to your achievements as a sense of self-worth.

    Big achievements take time, good preparation, and a lot of failure, as you’ll see here

    Don’t worry so much, just enjoy the process and know that you’re not alone 🙂


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